The other face of cinema at the Casco Viejo

IFF Panama takes over the city’s Casco Viejo. It floods it with cinema, spectators, festivities and music. And the Casco Viejo is pleased and offers a stage of another era, with narrow cobblestone streets, mansions, history and churches, terraces, places for gathering and celebrating and spaces for art.

In this manner IFF Panama establishes a circuit for film screenings at the Casco Viejo that includes three special spots: Teatro Nacional, the Anita Villalaz Theater and Parque Quinto Centenario.


Teatro Nacional


Teatro NacionalIn 1904, the nascent Republic of Panama commissioned the Italian architect Genaro Ruggieri to design Teatro Nacional, an artistic space which Ruggieri designed in the style of an operetta theater. Finely ornamented and well preserved for over a century, the theater is host to IFF Panama’s gala shows, with its red carpet guiding spectators to the amphitheater, the main floor and balcony areas. The stage offers a calculated depth and the pit has been adapted to accommodate the requirements of modern orchestras. The main floor and two amphitheater areas formthe shape of a moon with an excellent layout of comfortable seats and an unbeatable view to the stage.  



El Anita Villalaz

Once the courtroom of Panama’s Supreme Court of Justice, now converted into a space for the arts. Intimate and alternative, hosting plays, film screenings  and music concerts alike. The theater, baptized in honor of the renowned Panamanian actress Anita Villalaz, welcomes more than 200 IFF Panama spectators per show.



Mirador del Pacífico (Cinta Costera II)

At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this park which commemorates the five hundred years since the sighting of the “South Sea”, offers a place where  outdoor cinema becomes an experience of a different kind.

All IFF Panama screenings at the park are free of charge for public of all ages.




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