IFF Panama Foundation

Fundacion IFF Panama

The Foundation of the Panama International Film Festival, Fundación IFF Panama, is a non-profit organization created with the object of providing support for the making of the Panama International Film Festival and underpinning the cultural and education activities that are carried out as an integral part of each edition.

Main Objectives:
  • To promote the direct cultural, social, tourist and economic benefits of having an international film festival in Panama
  • To consolidate IFF Panama’s activity as a platform for the launch and growth of the local and regional film industry
  • To support the implementation of educational and training activities related to the film industry among children, young adults and university students, and those involved with filmmaking
Board of directors

Yasser Williams Arosemena

  • Carlos A. Motta

  • Carmen Alemán

  • Marcela de Pardini

  • Maribel Heilbron

  • Olga Sinclair
  • Rob Brown
Honorary members
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega

  • Raffaella Di Laurentiis

  • Angus MacFayden
  • Abner Benaim
  • Luis Pacheco