IFF Panama 2015 Primera Mirada April 9, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Fourth Edition of the International Film Festival of Panama has begun!

IFF Panama 2015, which starts today, April 9th, offers 73 excellent films from 45 countries. First class directors, renowned artists, producers with vast experience and worldwide, regional and national premiers will expose the public to the most exciting cinema.

Our selection of International, Ibero American, Central American and Caribbean films, as well as our documentaries, family­oriented and special features are well thought out collections that seek to deliver the best of each region and genre. Also, directors and actors will have a chance to personally transmit to the audience their vision of each of the films in dynamic and intimate talks.

The IFF Panama Opening Gala will screen the film “Ocho apellidos vascos” (Spanish Affair) to kickstart this celebration of cinema. We will be joined on the red carpet by acclaimed actress Geraldine Chaplin, director Karim Aïnouz, actor Salvador del Solar from “El Elefante Desaparecido” (The Vanished Elephant), and the producer of “Spanish Affair”, Alvaro Agustín. Also joining us is Lisandro Alonso, the director of “Jauja”​,​Ernesto Daranas and Alina Rodriguez, director and actress of the Cuban film Conducta (B​ehavior)​, Arturo Menéndez, director of “Malacrianza”​(The Crow’s Nest), Veit Helmer, Director of “La Pandillita” (Fiddlesticks), Hajooj Kuka, director of the Sudanese Documentary “Beats of the Antonov”, and Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán, directors of the film “Dólares de Arena” (Sand Dollars).


On Tuesday April 14 we will announce the winner of Primera Mirada. This is the first year of IFF Panama’s industry section, which seeks to support Central American and Caribbean productions, granting the winner $25,000 towards the completion of the film’s post­production.

“A total of 55 films were submitted for Primera Mirada and five of them have been pre­selected for an international jury comprised by Elena Manrique, Salvador del Solar and María Lourdes Cortés, to select the winning film during the Festival,” indicated Diana Sanchez, Artistic Director of the Festival.

All five films will be screened during special sessions at IFF Panama, where the filmmakers will get an opportunity to answer questions from the panel and industry members.

IFF Panama’s audience will be able to highlight its favorite films and choose the winner of the Copa Airlines People’s Choice Award for Best Ibero­American Fiction Film, the Master Card People’s Choice Award for Best Central American and Caribbean Film, and the Revista K’s Prize for Best Documentary.

“Making a Festival in a country with an industry that is born with decisive steps is a strategy aimed at the development of a local as well as a regional filmmaking industry,” remarked IFF Panama’s General Director Pituka Ortega Heilbron.

IFF Panama is very grateful for the commitment of its sponsors, both state departments, such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as the private enterprise, which have been a fundamental part in the strengthening of the Panama International Film Festival.




Director: E​nrique Pérez Him

País, año: P​anamá, 2015


Te prometo anarquía

Director:​Julio Hernández Cordón

País, año: M​éxico, Alemania 2015


Director: S​ergio Ramírez

País, año: G​uatemala, 2015


El sonido de las cosas

Director: A​riel Escalante

País, año: C​osta Rica, 2014


Director: M​arisol Gómez­ Mouakad

País, año: P​uerto Rico 2015

About Fundación IFF Panamá

The International Film Festival of Panama is a non­profit organization created to promote the cultural and educational activities that will be carried out as an integral part of the event. Its members have banked on our national talent and on the prospect of Panama becoming a cinematographic center of international stature.

The Festival will take place at the following venues: Teatro Nacional (National Theater), Teatro Anita Villalaz (Anita Villalaz Theater), Cinépolis Multiplaza, Teatro Amador (Amador Theater) and Mirador del Pacífico at the Cinta Costera II.

The Festival’s principal sponsors include the Ministry of Commerce (MICI) and the General Directorate of Cinema (DICINE), the Tourism Authority of Panama, MasterCard®, Copa Airlines, 507, American Trade Hotel, the Office of the Mayor of Panama, TVN Films, Telemetro, K Magazine, Mall Multiplaza Pacific and a great number of companies that provide their support to this cultural activity.

For more information visit IFF Panama’s official website: Click here





About IFF Panama

Fundación Festival Internacional de Cine de Panamá ( International Film Festival of  Panama Foundation) is a non-profit organization created with the porpuse of supportig the develpment of the International Film Festival of Panama and of promoting culturural and educational activities that are an important part of this event. IFF Panama is mainly sponsored by Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias (MICI), Dirección General de Cine (DICINE), Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá, MasterCard®, Copa Airlines,  507 Red Lager, American Trade Hotel, Alcaldía de Panamá, TVN Films, Telemetro, Revista K, Multiplaza Pacific Mall, among other generous contributors.
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